Saturday, March 28,2009

You're how old!!!!!!!!!!

This picture was taken in Highlands, N.C.
three years ago........of my husband.
It is one of my favorites!

I married him when he was 25.
He is an Aries. (The Ram)
A Leader.
Likes to be Top Dog.
Likes Challenges.
****He was born with most of these things.
****But, I like the things he has learned from life (and marriage) more!
Showing his feelings.
Learning to be vulnerabe.
Saying he's sorry. (even if he doesn't believe he is!)
Sometimes, he lets me tell him what to do!
Faithful to me.
He was raised in New York City. His family is Polish.
He is the middle child with two sisters. He is a good man.
Love you,
Happy Birthday D.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sarge and Adam..................

I spent the afternoon at
my friends daughter's
house visiting..........
I love to chat with M. and
her daughter C.
Yesterday was a bit different! C.'s little boy "Adam" and his new
puppy "Sarge" was our entertanment. To me, it doesn't get
any better than playing with a 3 year old boy and his 5 month old, 40 pound, Bassett Hound pup!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Story...............
Thirty seven years ago today, we got married. Not in the traditional
way. We eloped to Elkhart, Indiana. Not the romance capital of the world,
mind you!
But, at the home of a Justice of the Peace, at 4pm in the afternoon.
No flowers, no pictures, and only his sister as a witness.
My husband's sister's and their families lived there and at the time, it
seemed like heaven to be with him starting our new life together.
I was almost twenty one and eager to move forward.
My parents were not as eager, about what had transpired! Letting me make choices was harder for them than for me.
But, I was ready to venture out in the world...............
I had made up my mind a long time before, that staying in the small
town that I had grown up in was not where I would permanently plant
my feet.
We ended up buying a home and staying in Indiana for over 5 years. But, both of us longed to be in a warmer climate.
I had been a licenced and working hairdresser, since I was nineteen. So
finding a salon anywhere would not be difficult.
His background was in the tool and die/machine trade. Since arriving in
Elkhart, he had been working with a large plastics company and
our lucky break came in early 1977, they offered him a position in Atlanta, Georgia.
We sold our house and never looked back as we ventured into the future!
The up's and down's of marriage has not always been easy.
But, we are committed to each other for the duration of our lives.
Happy Anniversary and may we grow old together!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The movie is mine~
I have my own copy now, I like the movie,
but, not quite as much as I liked the book!
Reading this type of novel conjures up the most
wonderful visions of a
young sexy vampire/man who is totally in lust
with this young woman! He is protective, actually,
overly protective of her in every way, mentally and
physically. I look forward to the movie sequel coming out
in November.

And, now on to another train of thought...............
We went to a coffee cafe last night called "REV" to see a group of
people trying to break into the comedy world.
Tracy, my friends daughter, was one of these comedian wanna-be's.
She was very funny. We also liked two guys. The first one and
winner of the night was Chelsie Rice and another by the name of
Landry. We decided it was a cheap and very enjoyable date night and
will probably do it again!

Thursday, March 19,2009

To all of you Edward lovers...............just one more day to have

in our hot little hands, the DVD of "Twilight"

Edward bite me.......................

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Lucky Charm..............

This is Fuzz, the day we brought her home from the shelter.
Freckles and sweetness
and about 6 weeks old. Early in
2002. She is just as sweet today, only
she lost the freckles!

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Sunday,March 15, 2009

"The Reveal"
If you have been following the life and times of Aunt Debbie.........then
you know that my creative challenges have no end! A week ago yesterday, I started a painting project. The most unusual one,
that I have encountered to date. Not hard, mind you, but, more entailed than I had thought!
H.'s "racing themed" garage, to house his two pretties in and I don't mean
women, but, Porsches!
Picture #1 is a nice and tidy "very blue" garage..............
Picture #2,3,4, are after I finished my handy painting................
Thanks N. I enjoyed the experience! "Happy Birthday H."

Friday, March 13, 2009

Laid Back.........ain't the word!

Rachel and I went to our first Greyhound Volunteer night, last night.
There were ten dogs to tend to. Two other ladies were there, to guide us.
When these dogs come to this particular rescue, they are not spayed or
neutered. So, that is the first thing done by Lakeside (Acworth) Animal
Hospital. But, before that, each dog is checked out by a vet tech to see where it would be the most well placed in a new home . All of these animals have been touched by humans,
they don't mind that. Sadly, they have lived their lives in crates, only to be out, when racing. So, being part of a family unit is a very large change for
They must be checked out in other ways too, to go to the right homes.
Do they mind being around children?
Are they aggressive with food?
Can they handle being around cats? Or other dogs?
Are they escape artist?
Most do not stay at rescue for more than a couple of weeks before
they are adopted by their new families.
I was shown how to put on the special collar and then
take each for a walk outside. If these dogs were were any more laid
back, they would not be alive! Very easy to be around.............
Changing their water and bedding if they have chewed it or soiled it.
Brushing them and just giving them loving attention for a while.
Probably, the next time we go, these dogs will have been adopted. And
another group will be there. I will take pictures to show you these beautiful dogs in retirement.

One week from now, I will have Edward and Bella in my hands!
For all of you Twilight patient.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Racing Paint and Racing Dogs~

Well, I am back to the garage today, to get one step closer to finishing my
"racing theme" paint project........
I am getting excited to reveal the pictures of before and after. Stay posted!

Rachel, my bud, has a rescued Greyhound, "Mya". She and I are going to
volunteer at least one night a month, which begins tonight, to go and feed, exercise and play with these beautiful ex-racing dogs that are waiting to go to loving new homes.
It will be a new and good experience. I am looking foward to it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Race Begins~

My weekend was spent at N.'s house. Her husband is a Porsche lover and she wanted to surprise him.

My mission was to take a totally blue garage space and make it black and
white and red themed, while they were away for his birthday weekend.
Painting, checking and a red chair rail............piece of cake, I thought!
It did not get entirely done, but, it is almost there! My back and neck were screaming for mercy by last night!!!!
And when they got home, H. was surprised..........whew.
I will reveal the project in the next week, when I finish it.
Now, comes the best part of the two days!! They have the greatest big dogs. Gus, Lucy and Brody.
I left the door open and from time to time they came to check out my progress!Check them out below............

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friends of Mine~

Today, I am blogging about some very special people.
I should explain first that, having been in the design business for more than 20 years,
I have met and worked with lots of people. Some nicer than others!
Almost five years ago, I landed in a job with a home decor and gift store, as a merchandiser.
Merchandizing is a art form that needs constant renewal. I love the new challenge every day.
But, this blog is not about all the cool things that I get to play with at work!
It is about some very special "women" that I have gotten to know and love along with this job.
Strong, smart, pretty, opininated, spirited, loving, stubborn, did I say "pretty", some times needy, hardworking, caring, hopeful, pioneering, the list goes on and on.......................
grandmothers, teachers, mothers, wives, aunts, sisters, daughters, pet-lovers, care-givers and even beauty queens.
But, all those titles do not compare to the friendships that have been founded and nurtured, by this
group of fabulous "women" human beings.
Each carrying their own strengths and weaknesses that gives them their own special charm.
Times are changing in the world and not all for the good.
I am hoping that we each find our paths and that we will remain friends as we continue the journey. Thank you.
I salute you!

Friday, March 6, 2009


This blogging is fun! Tracy has so many nice blogger friends/followers who have come to visit my
blog and commented about my love of animals. Thank you. You are all very cool.
Big A, how is your blog coming?? Bags, I'm seriously anxious to see yours too!

On a serious note!!!!!!!!!
But, I am still "pining" over something totally trivial and unimportant!
A friend, suggested that I start reading a series of 4 books called the "Twilight Saga"
I did start reading the first one a few months ago, then the second, then the third and when I
finished the 4th................I was grieving to not read more about Edward and Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, this is sooooo bad, I am ashamed to admit I am "passionate" about this vampire and his human
girlfriend. Seriously, I have a romance novel before Edward!
But, that is all about to change. Because, I am going to start them all over again..............Yippee!
Rachel has already gone that route and said it was just as good the second time around.
I have also seen the movie two times. Forced my husband to go with me on Valentines night and
saw it again by myself last week. (He actually thought it was good.)
The next movie comes out later this year. But, Twilight, will be out to the public March 20.........
....I already have my copy reserved!!!! Sad small life............. that I lead and love!

Tweet Tweet

My "tied up memories" friend Tracy has tagged me, which means that I must blog about the

6th picture in the 6th file of my computer photos. Here goes..................

This is my picture! These are the first two babies that Coco and Limey produced. They had onlybeen out of the nesting box a few times. These babies are about 6 weeks old.

Their beaks are black when they hatch. Aren't they cute! This was taken in March of 07.

Sunny South

Okay, I am living in the sunny south and taking pictures of big fat snow flakes! What's
wrong with that thought..............for whining out loud, this is the first day of March!!!!!
Don't like it, but, mother nature rules.