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My "tied up memories" friend Tracy has tagged me, which means that I must blog about the

6th picture in the 6th file of my computer photos. Here goes..................

This is my picture! These are the first two babies that Coco and Limey produced. They had onlybeen out of the nesting box a few times. These babies are about 6 weeks old.

Their beaks are black when they hatch. Aren't they cute! This was taken in March of 07.


The Pink Bird House said...

how fabulous to have raised your own baby love birds!! My daughter, the animal lover, would adore something like that. We used to have parakeets and even after losing them to old age many years ago, we were so attached to them that we still miss them. Such tiny creatures, with such big hearts!

Tiedupmemories said...

Sweet Deb!I think I've seen this photo at work befoe.