Tuesday,April 14, 2009

Our Beautiful Swamp...................

We live in the burbs. Five miles from town. Close to it all, but, far enough away to appreciate it.
The neighborhood is fairly small, eighty homes.
Our property is shaped like a piece of pie. The small part being in the front of the house, the
back fans out and drops down, with the softness of a rolling hill.
Filled with hard woods and dogwoods and nature galore! Spring is my most favorite time of the year.
Seeing and hearing everything come to life ..............
On the back side of our property is something called the "wetlands". It is a goverment protected area, and cannot be disturbed. Of the twenty-one plus years that we have lived here, it has never been this wet and
swampy.................in the wetlands. Geese, ducks, tree frogs and other crawly creatures visit and live there.
Inspired by mother nature,
in the past few weeks. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did shooting them.