Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have talked about my lovebirds, Coco and Limey, and how much they like each other...........

so many baby birds have been hatched!!!!!!!!!!
The babies in the picture were born in the end of April.
They are still growing in their green feathers are healthy
and are eating on their own. They are ready to go to their
new homes.
A little girl named Anna, that comes into the store that I work at, with her mom, announced
a few weeks ago to her mom, that she would like a baby bird, for her very own.
This Saturday, one of these lucky little birds will go to live with Anna and her family.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Once again, my friends from Casabella came through!
After finishing up at work at about 7:30 pm, we headed out the door.

My car wouldn't start. It was as dead as a door nail. Julie had just pulled away and of course, I tried to crank it again and again.............. ...........nothing but, click, click, click!!
If you have ever been in this situation, it can really annoy the heck out of you!
Jean called Julie and asked if she had any jumper cables, Julie said "yes, I will pick them up and be right back"
When she returned we hooked up the cables as Jean stood by waiting for the "lady start your engine" announcement!
We waited and waited and tried again and again. Trying to think of Plan B and Plan C in case, this didn't work.

But, at last, success, tra-la, tra-la, tra-la and we were off to the home front!

Thank you Jean, Julie for being the best friends a girl could have!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009 Part II

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The park in my back yard...........

May 24, 2009

My lovebirds layed eggs the last 2 weeks in March. Although there were five eggs in the clutch,
only three hatched........the first one being April 18. Then two days later, the
second and two days later, the third.
It is fascinating to watch this whole thing happen. At almost five weeks old,these babies are healthy and yelling loudly to be fed. They are beginning to get the
"Lovebird" green feathers and the back is usually the last to get greened up.
The face will be a pale peach until they are about six months old and then they
will become officially colored "Peachfaces"........the gray downy feathers are even
softer than the new green ones. They are not too keen on being held, but, I love it!
At this point,Coco and Limey do not sleep in the nesting box with the babies.......they
are getting kind of big! They actually double in size every week. And are born with
black beaks.
The first born has come out of the nesting box a few times. Pretty timid by the
whole process, it doesn't stay out long or go far from the opening, mostly it just
sits on the perch right outside the box and looks around!
But, when a little head peeks out for a minute. Coco and Limey stay near by and
encourage with little clucks!!
Mom and dad usually hang around the opening to feed little bits of "atta-boys"
afterwards. Ain't "Mother Nature" cool!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Okay, my brain is fired up..................let's go!

I am finally back into walking. My neighborhood is 1and 1/2 miles from my door and back again............lots of hills.

At nearly 58, I totally understand now that I thought I would have my petite figure for the rest of my life, while eating what ever and when ever I chose...........

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong...........Boy was that stupid.

While the past couple of years have been spent trying to except my new fuller and curvy body

I have not convinced myself and really..........REALLY hate mirrors or for that matter

anything reflective, where I may catch a quick peek at my backside.............

As a kid I rode my bike everywhere, as a young lady, I was on basketball, soccer and

track teams in school. When I got married I ran in the freezing cold in Elkhart, Indiana, just because I could...........

I was never very good at tennis, but, I swated a few balls around from time to time.

Done P'tree a few tomorrow will be my twelve day of walking and OMG

I think I see a difference already in my thighs!

Sunday, May 3,2009

I am a display merchandiser/designer in a home decor/gift shop in north Atlanta. On any given day, I may:
1. Re-do the front windows, that means moving a sofa and chairs, pictures and whatever!
2. Unbox new merchandise, check it out!
3. Make a silk floral arrangement.
4. Have several conversations with my co-workers and or talk to the birds
5. Arrange new clothing coming in........let's see what color combination can I do this time.........
6. Help a customer find "the perfect hostess gift"
7. Talk to any little kid, that comes in with his or her mom. (There is a terrible rumor that I have made them cry because I like to give them hugs!!!!)
8. Have a detailed chat with a customer about nothing important..........climb on a ladder to take
down a picture or mirror, because, a she wants to look at it more closely!! Sometimes
she even buys it.......Yahoo!
9. Break something.......oops (sweep it up before management finds it)
10. Customers bring in their dogs sometimes, if they are sweet and friendly they get treats.
(the dogs that is)
Never a dull moment, always something going know we creative people get bored
I love doing what I do!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


This is what happens when you eat blue ice!

Old fashioned street cars............hop aboard! Wonderful dogs of all kinds..........

Over 75,000 people attend this food, fun and family, event in historic downtown Marietta, Georgia, that has been presented to the public for 16 years.

Parking is a challenge...........but, so worth the time to join this delightful treat on a beautiful afternoon. Besides the BBQ, pizza, fresh fruit on a stick,Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Greek, seafood, steak,Thai, cold beer, smoothie's, chicken, ice cream, beautiful little desserts and burgers, I am sure I forgot someone!

There were lots of dogs with their masters and we not only got to eat some good food, but, I

got to take lots of pictures of man's best friend! And some other sorted activies..............

The Strand Theater on the square just reopened after being totally rallied around
to renew it's wonderful past and what a hit it is!

April 19,2009

The Bella Girls...................

A few months ago, I blogged about the fabulous
women that I work with.
Even though all the girls were not able to make
our monthly dinner did not
stop the eight of us, from having a few hours of major laughter, stories, more laughter and sharing.
Because of the life and times that we are in........
management laid off all but, six of us, back in February.
And we realized that, we had something more in common
than just working together. We liked each other as
people...........aren't we pretty!!!
Thank you all for your friendship.
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Tuesday,April 14, 2009

Our Beautiful Swamp...................

We live in the burbs. Five miles from town. Close to it all, but, far enough away to appreciate it.
The neighborhood is fairly small, eighty homes.
Our property is shaped like a piece of pie. The small part being in the front of the house, the
back fans out and drops down, with the softness of a rolling hill.
Filled with hard woods and dogwoods and nature galore! Spring is my most favorite time of the year.
Seeing and hearing everything come to life ..............
On the back side of our property is something called the "wetlands". It is a goverment protected area, and cannot be disturbed. Of the twenty-one plus years that we have lived here, it has never been this wet and the wetlands. Geese, ducks, tree frogs and other crawly creatures visit and live there.
Inspired by mother nature,
in the past few weeks. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did shooting them.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Table Setting Tour...............
Tracy, I hope I can redeem myself with these pictures. Love you friend!
Thank you for your help always!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Give My Word.............

I feel like a heel! Today, I am suppose to blog about my "Spring Table
Setting Tour" with my friend T. from Tied Up Memories.............
But, I messed up my picture and have to take another one today.
I promise it will be here by the evening...........
come back and look again!

Wednesday, April 1,2009

Making Babies...........this is no joke!

A quick peek in the nesting box and snap......
a picture while she is out in the main cage
getting a drink!
Coco and Limey are at it again! My Peach Face Lovebirds have produced around 25 eggs in 4 years. More than fifteen have hatched and lived and gone to new homes.

Well, after all it is spring and that means nesting, right?

There are 3 eggs in this clutch, so far. She has laid as little as two and as many as five at a time.

So there may be more. My boy, Limey, eats like a pig, and then goes to feed her.
Coco is a good momma bird! She sits on the eggs for 22 days and then, BINGO...............the babies start hatching out!

I will of course share pictures of these new born babies, mind
you......... only a mother could love them.

When they are not playing house, Coco and Limey are loud, curious
messy, clown birds, but, during this time, they take parenting very serious!

Not much squawking just eating, sleeping, pooping and waiting.

Coco here is snacking on some millet.
Millet is like candy to birds.........hummmm

Saturday, March 28,2009

You're how old!!!!!!!!!!

This picture was taken in Highlands, N.C.
three years ago........of my husband.
It is one of my favorites!

I married him when he was 25.
He is an Aries. (The Ram)
A Leader.
Likes to be Top Dog.
Likes Challenges.
****He was born with most of these things.
****But, I like the things he has learned from life (and marriage) more!
Showing his feelings.
Learning to be vulnerabe.
Saying he's sorry. (even if he doesn't believe he is!)
Sometimes, he lets me tell him what to do!
Faithful to me.
He was raised in New York City. His family is Polish.
He is the middle child with two sisters. He is a good man.
Love you,
Happy Birthday D.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sarge and Adam..................

I spent the afternoon at
my friends daughter's
house visiting..........
I love to chat with M. and
her daughter C.
Yesterday was a bit different! C.'s little boy "Adam" and his new
puppy "Sarge" was our entertanment. To me, it doesn't get
any better than playing with a 3 year old boy and his 5 month old, 40 pound, Bassett Hound pup!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Story...............
Thirty seven years ago today, we got married. Not in the traditional
way. We eloped to Elkhart, Indiana. Not the romance capital of the world,
mind you!
But, at the home of a Justice of the Peace, at 4pm in the afternoon.
No flowers, no pictures, and only his sister as a witness.
My husband's sister's and their families lived there and at the time, it
seemed like heaven to be with him starting our new life together.
I was almost twenty one and eager to move forward.
My parents were not as eager, about what had transpired! Letting me make choices was harder for them than for me.
But, I was ready to venture out in the world...............
I had made up my mind a long time before, that staying in the small
town that I had grown up in was not where I would permanently plant
my feet.
We ended up buying a home and staying in Indiana for over 5 years. But, both of us longed to be in a warmer climate.
I had been a licenced and working hairdresser, since I was nineteen. So
finding a salon anywhere would not be difficult.
His background was in the tool and die/machine trade. Since arriving in
Elkhart, he had been working with a large plastics company and
our lucky break came in early 1977, they offered him a position in Atlanta, Georgia.
We sold our house and never looked back as we ventured into the future!
The up's and down's of marriage has not always been easy.
But, we are committed to each other for the duration of our lives.
Happy Anniversary and may we grow old together!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The movie is mine~
I have my own copy now, I like the movie,
but, not quite as much as I liked the book!
Reading this type of novel conjures up the most
wonderful visions of a
young sexy vampire/man who is totally in lust
with this young woman! He is protective, actually,
overly protective of her in every way, mentally and
physically. I look forward to the movie sequel coming out
in November.

And, now on to another train of thought...............
We went to a coffee cafe last night called "REV" to see a group of
people trying to break into the comedy world.
Tracy, my friends daughter, was one of these comedian wanna-be's.
She was very funny. We also liked two guys. The first one and
winner of the night was Chelsie Rice and another by the name of
Landry. We decided it was a cheap and very enjoyable date night and
will probably do it again!

Thursday, March 19,2009

To all of you Edward lovers...............just one more day to have

in our hot little hands, the DVD of "Twilight"

Edward bite me.......................

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Lucky Charm..............

This is Fuzz, the day we brought her home from the shelter.
Freckles and sweetness
and about 6 weeks old. Early in
2002. She is just as sweet today, only
she lost the freckles!

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Sunday,March 15, 2009

"The Reveal"
If you have been following the life and times of Aunt Debbie.........then
you know that my creative challenges have no end! A week ago yesterday, I started a painting project. The most unusual one,
that I have encountered to date. Not hard, mind you, but, more entailed than I had thought!
H.'s "racing themed" garage, to house his two pretties in and I don't mean
women, but, Porsches!
Picture #1 is a nice and tidy "very blue" garage..............
Picture #2,3,4, are after I finished my handy painting................
Thanks N. I enjoyed the experience! "Happy Birthday H."