Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Race Begins~

My weekend was spent at N.'s house. Her husband is a Porsche lover and she wanted to surprise him.

My mission was to take a totally blue garage space and make it black and
white and red themed, while they were away for his birthday weekend.
Painting, checking and a red chair rail............piece of cake, I thought!
It did not get entirely done, but, it is almost there! My back and neck were screaming for mercy by last night!!!!
And when they got home, H. was surprised..........whew.
I will reveal the project in the next week, when I finish it.
Now, comes the best part of the two days!! They have the greatest big dogs. Gus, Lucy and Brody.
I left the door open and from time to time they came to check out my progress!Check them out below............