Sunday, May 3,2009

I am a display merchandiser/designer in a home decor/gift shop in north Atlanta. On any given day, I may:
1. Re-do the front windows, that means moving a sofa and chairs, pictures and whatever!
2. Unbox new merchandise, check it out!
3. Make a silk floral arrangement.
4. Have several conversations with my co-workers and or talk to the birds
5. Arrange new clothing coming in........let's see what color combination can I do this time.........
6. Help a customer find "the perfect hostess gift"
7. Talk to any little kid, that comes in with his or her mom. (There is a terrible rumor that I have made them cry because I like to give them hugs!!!!)
8. Have a detailed chat with a customer about nothing important..........climb on a ladder to take
down a picture or mirror, because, a she wants to look at it more closely!! Sometimes
she even buys it.......Yahoo!
9. Break something.......oops (sweep it up before management finds it)
10. Customers bring in their dogs sometimes, if they are sweet and friendly they get treats.
(the dogs that is)
Never a dull moment, always something going know we creative people get bored
I love doing what I do!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


This is what happens when you eat blue ice!

Old fashioned street cars............hop aboard! Wonderful dogs of all kinds..........

Over 75,000 people attend this food, fun and family, event in historic downtown Marietta, Georgia, that has been presented to the public for 16 years.

Parking is a challenge...........but, so worth the time to join this delightful treat on a beautiful afternoon. Besides the BBQ, pizza, fresh fruit on a stick,Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Greek, seafood, steak,Thai, cold beer, smoothie's, chicken, ice cream, beautiful little desserts and burgers, I am sure I forgot someone!

There were lots of dogs with their masters and we not only got to eat some good food, but, I

got to take lots of pictures of man's best friend! And some other sorted activies..............

The Strand Theater on the square just reopened after being totally rallied around
to renew it's wonderful past and what a hit it is!

April 19,2009

The Bella Girls...................

A few months ago, I blogged about the fabulous
women that I work with.
Even though all the girls were not able to make
our monthly dinner did not
stop the eight of us, from having a few hours of major laughter, stories, more laughter and sharing.
Because of the life and times that we are in........
management laid off all but, six of us, back in February.
And we realized that, we had something more in common
than just working together. We liked each other as
people...........aren't we pretty!!!
Thank you all for your friendship.
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Tuesday,April 14, 2009

Our Beautiful Swamp...................

We live in the burbs. Five miles from town. Close to it all, but, far enough away to appreciate it.
The neighborhood is fairly small, eighty homes.
Our property is shaped like a piece of pie. The small part being in the front of the house, the
back fans out and drops down, with the softness of a rolling hill.
Filled with hard woods and dogwoods and nature galore! Spring is my most favorite time of the year.
Seeing and hearing everything come to life ..............
On the back side of our property is something called the "wetlands". It is a goverment protected area, and cannot be disturbed. Of the twenty-one plus years that we have lived here, it has never been this wet and the wetlands. Geese, ducks, tree frogs and other crawly creatures visit and live there.
Inspired by mother nature,
in the past few weeks. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did shooting them.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Table Setting Tour...............
Tracy, I hope I can redeem myself with these pictures. Love you friend!
Thank you for your help always!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Give My Word.............

I feel like a heel! Today, I am suppose to blog about my "Spring Table
Setting Tour" with my friend T. from Tied Up Memories.............
But, I messed up my picture and have to take another one today.
I promise it will be here by the evening...........
come back and look again!

Wednesday, April 1,2009

Making Babies...........this is no joke!

A quick peek in the nesting box and snap......
a picture while she is out in the main cage
getting a drink!
Coco and Limey are at it again! My Peach Face Lovebirds have produced around 25 eggs in 4 years. More than fifteen have hatched and lived and gone to new homes.

Well, after all it is spring and that means nesting, right?

There are 3 eggs in this clutch, so far. She has laid as little as two and as many as five at a time.

So there may be more. My boy, Limey, eats like a pig, and then goes to feed her.
Coco is a good momma bird! She sits on the eggs for 22 days and then, BINGO...............the babies start hatching out!

I will of course share pictures of these new born babies, mind
you......... only a mother could love them.

When they are not playing house, Coco and Limey are loud, curious
messy, clown birds, but, during this time, they take parenting very serious!

Not much squawking just eating, sleeping, pooping and waiting.

Coco here is snacking on some millet.
Millet is like candy to birds.........hummmm