April 19,2009

The Bella Girls...................

A few months ago, I blogged about the fabulous
women that I work with.
Even though all the girls were not able to make
our monthly dinner tonight.............it did not
stop the eight of us, from having a few hours of major laughter, stories, more laughter and sharing.
Because of the life and times that we are in........
management laid off all but, six of us, back in February.
And we realized that, we had something more in common
than just working together. We liked each other as
people...........aren't we pretty!!!
Thank you all for your friendship.
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Nancy said...

You sure are "johnnie on the spot," aren't you? Love the picture. We're lookin' good! Miss you.

Tiedupmemories said...

Great picture!Your all lookin' good! Good thing I read this post! I was off a day!I thought it was Monday night.I tell ya...One of these days I'll be there!

The Pink Bird House said...

Hi Debbie, nice picture of a fun loving group of ladies! Nothing beats getting out with some like minded women for laughter and good food! An evening like that is good for the heart and soul! Take care, Debby