Wednesday, April 1,2009

Making Babies...........this is no joke!

A quick peek in the nesting box and snap......
a picture while she is out in the main cage
getting a drink!
Coco and Limey are at it again! My Peach Face Lovebirds have produced around 25 eggs in 4 years. More than fifteen have hatched and lived and gone to new homes.

Well, after all it is spring and that means nesting, right?

There are 3 eggs in this clutch, so far. She has laid as little as two and as many as five at a time.

So there may be more. My boy, Limey, eats like a pig, and then goes to feed her.
Coco is a good momma bird! She sits on the eggs for 22 days and then, BINGO...............the babies start hatching out!

I will of course share pictures of these new born babies, mind
you......... only a mother could love them.

When they are not playing house, Coco and Limey are loud, curious
messy, clown birds, but, during this time, they take parenting very serious!

Not much squawking just eating, sleeping, pooping and waiting.

Coco here is snacking on some millet.
Millet is like candy to birds.........hummmm