Friday, March 13, 2009

Laid Back.........ain't the word!

Rachel and I went to our first Greyhound Volunteer night, last night.
There were ten dogs to tend to. Two other ladies were there, to guide us.
When these dogs come to this particular rescue, they are not spayed or
neutered. So, that is the first thing done by Lakeside (Acworth) Animal
Hospital. But, before that, each dog is checked out by a vet tech to see where it would be the most well placed in a new home . All of these animals have been touched by humans,
they don't mind that. Sadly, they have lived their lives in crates, only to be out, when racing. So, being part of a family unit is a very large change for
They must be checked out in other ways too, to go to the right homes.
Do they mind being around children?
Are they aggressive with food?
Can they handle being around cats? Or other dogs?
Are they escape artist?
Most do not stay at rescue for more than a couple of weeks before
they are adopted by their new families.
I was shown how to put on the special collar and then
take each for a walk outside. If these dogs were were any more laid
back, they would not be alive! Very easy to be around.............
Changing their water and bedding if they have chewed it or soiled it.
Brushing them and just giving them loving attention for a while.
Probably, the next time we go, these dogs will have been adopted. And
another group will be there. I will take pictures to show you these beautiful dogs in retirement.

One week from now, I will have Edward and Bella in my hands!
For all of you Twilight patient.