Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Story...............
Thirty seven years ago today, we got married. Not in the traditional
way. We eloped to Elkhart, Indiana. Not the romance capital of the world,
mind you!
But, at the home of a Justice of the Peace, at 4pm in the afternoon.
No flowers, no pictures, and only his sister as a witness.
My husband's sister's and their families lived there and at the time, it
seemed like heaven to be with him starting our new life together.
I was almost twenty one and eager to move forward.
My parents were not as eager, about what had transpired! Letting me make choices was harder for them than for me.
But, I was ready to venture out in the world...............
I had made up my mind a long time before, that staying in the small
town that I had grown up in was not where I would permanently plant
my feet.
We ended up buying a home and staying in Indiana for over 5 years. But, both of us longed to be in a warmer climate.
I had been a licenced and working hairdresser, since I was nineteen. So
finding a salon anywhere would not be difficult.
His background was in the tool and die/machine trade. Since arriving in
Elkhart, he had been working with a large plastics company and
our lucky break came in early 1977, they offered him a position in Atlanta, Georgia.
We sold our house and never looked back as we ventured into the future!
The up's and down's of marriage has not always been easy.
But, we are committed to each other for the duration of our lives.
Happy Anniversary and may we grow old together!