Sunday, May 3,2009

I am a display merchandiser/designer in a home decor/gift shop in north Atlanta. On any given day, I may:
1. Re-do the front windows, that means moving a sofa and chairs, pictures and whatever!
2. Unbox new merchandise, check it out!
3. Make a silk floral arrangement.
4. Have several conversations with my co-workers and or talk to the birds
5. Arrange new clothing coming in........let's see what color combination can I do this time.........
6. Help a customer find "the perfect hostess gift"
7. Talk to any little kid, that comes in with his or her mom. (There is a terrible rumor that I have made them cry because I like to give them hugs!!!!)
8. Have a detailed chat with a customer about nothing important..........climb on a ladder to take
down a picture or mirror, because, a she wants to look at it more closely!! Sometimes
she even buys it.......Yahoo!
9. Break something.......oops (sweep it up before management finds it)
10. Customers bring in their dogs sometimes, if they are sweet and friendly they get treats.
(the dogs that is)
Never a dull moment, always something going know we creative people get bored
I love doing what I do!


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi Debbie, oh I LOVE the store!! Just my kind of places, lots of different things in every corner, where I can take my time to walk thru and look at each thing, just enjoying it and wondering what I will pick up to take home with me. Nice photos. thanks for sharing! It looks like a fun place to work!! Debby

Anonymous said...

Love the new format. I'm back. Call and I'll come over and install you know what! Love your picture. Lookin' good.


The Blonde Duck said...

It looks like such fun! I'm glad you found me at the Pond!