Sunday, March 22, 2009

The movie is mine~
I have my own copy now, I like the movie,
but, not quite as much as I liked the book!
Reading this type of novel conjures up the most
wonderful visions of a
young sexy vampire/man who is totally in lust
with this young woman! He is protective, actually,
overly protective of her in every way, mentally and
physically. I look forward to the movie sequel coming out
in November.

And, now on to another train of thought...............
We went to a coffee cafe last night called "REV" to see a group of
people trying to break into the comedy world.
Tracy, my friends daughter, was one of these comedian wanna-be's.
She was very funny. We also liked two guys. The first one and
winner of the night was Chelsie Rice and another by the name of
Landry. We decided it was a cheap and very enjoyable date night and
will probably do it again!

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Tiedupmemories said...

Sounds like you had fun last night! Good for you!We rented the movie from blockbuster. I think we'll watch it tonight.I thought of you when we got it! Lol!