Sunday, May 24, 2009 Part II

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The park in my back yard...........


Nancy said...

I am soooo behind. I have excuses for not keeping up with the blogs but I can't remember them! Oh yea, last week I was cleaning like a madwoman because we had a couple from Myrtle Beach over for dinner. The week before that I was getting ready for Hilton Head. The week before that I was recovering from that sham of an art show in Spartanburg. The week before that we were in North Myrtle Beach. I promise, I'll get with it. Your blog looks great.

Nick said...

Debbie, thanks for the pictures of the pups, they are just adorable as ever.
The walk and yard look great, I liked the view looking towards the drive, I could get the full effect. Great job. Keep it going.
Very good discipline on the walking. I have been going to the gym most everyday and feel great doing that.