Sunday,March 15, 2009

"The Reveal"
If you have been following the life and times of Aunt Debbie.........then
you know that my creative challenges have no end! A week ago yesterday, I started a painting project. The most unusual one,
that I have encountered to date. Not hard, mind you, but, more entailed than I had thought!
H.'s "racing themed" garage, to house his two pretties in and I don't mean
women, but, Porsches!
Picture #1 is a nice and tidy "very blue" garage..............
Picture #2,3,4, are after I finished my handy painting................
Thanks N. I enjoyed the experience! "Happy Birthday H."


The Pink Bird House said...

You are amazingly creatvie, what a fabulous garage! Ours LOOKS like a garage, cluttered, chipped paint on the walls, barely place to move around! Those are some lucky cars to be able to live in a place like that! Great job!

Nancy said...

You make me so proud! What a job. I know Nancy and Hal love it. Hope you made a fortune.