Friday, March 6, 2009


This blogging is fun! Tracy has so many nice blogger friends/followers who have come to visit my
blog and commented about my love of animals. Thank you. You are all very cool.
Big A, how is your blog coming?? Bags, I'm seriously anxious to see yours too!

On a serious note!!!!!!!!!
But, I am still "pining" over something totally trivial and unimportant!
A friend, suggested that I start reading a series of 4 books called the "Twilight Saga"
I did start reading the first one a few months ago, then the second, then the third and when I
finished the 4th................I was grieving to not read more about Edward and Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, this is sooooo bad, I am ashamed to admit I am "passionate" about this vampire and his human
girlfriend. Seriously, I have a romance novel before Edward!
But, that is all about to change. Because, I am going to start them all over again..............Yippee!
Rachel has already gone that route and said it was just as good the second time around.
I have also seen the movie two times. Forced my husband to go with me on Valentines night and
saw it again by myself last week. (He actually thought it was good.)
The next movie comes out later this year. But, Twilight, will be out to the public March 20.........
....I already have my copy reserved!!!! Sad small life............. that I lead and love!


Tiedupmemories said...

Yay! I'm so glad you are enjoying it I knew you would!Give me a call..I can't find my Casabella list of numbers.

The Pink Bird House said...

I know JUST how you feel about this series of romance books, because years ago I got hooked on one myself. The "Outlander" series from Diana Gabaldon, about a woman who ends up traveling back in time to Scotland in the 1700's, and how she finds the love of her life there. I was so enamoured of this couple, I could not put the books down. Enjoy them while you can, we have to find romance where ever we can, even in the pages of a book!! Debby