Thursday, March 12, 2009

Racing Paint and Racing Dogs~

Well, I am back to the garage today, to get one step closer to finishing my
"racing theme" paint project........
I am getting excited to reveal the pictures of before and after. Stay posted!

Rachel, my bud, has a rescued Greyhound, "Mya". She and I are going to
volunteer at least one night a month, which begins tonight, to go and feed, exercise and play with these beautiful ex-racing dogs that are waiting to go to loving new homes.
It will be a new and good experience. I am looking foward to it.


Tiedupmemories said...

Can't wait to see those photos! Deb..that's very sweet of you to volunteer! It will be right up you alley!Have fun tonight!

Nancy said...

We missed you and Tracy Sunday night. We were going to come and see the project, but you left! I like the new layout.