Ivie and Lexi

Sun, wonderful sun, it seems you have been gone for days..............shine on me!

My blogging pal N. helped me tweak a few things on "Dogsticksandfeathers" today. Thanks N.

I have to do 2 "potty breaks" to help my friend out today!

Let me explain!

D. and T. have a new puppy "Lexi" and another dog, "Ivie". While D. is working, today, my job is to let the puppy and her older "sister" out for a potty break...............knowing how I have fun at almost everything I do, I took pictures of these darling dogs while I was there!

I am hoping that D. and T. will both be surprised!


Tiedupmemories said...

You are too funny! I am so confused!Are you talking in 3rd person as if you were a dog???LOl?Where are those birds?Have they flown the coop?Just joking with ya! Looks good!

The Pink Bird House said...

Oh Schnauzers, they are such nice dogs. I used to be a dog groomer in my younger days (oh that seems long long ago now!!), and schnauzers were always such good dogs to work with. One was named Junie Moon, always loved that name, it seemed so original and artistic. and she was a real doll! Have fun letting the dogs out!! Debby