Coco and Limey

A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to get
some birds. I didn't know what kind. So, I had to
do some homework and figure it out. After
several bird shows around Atlanta and lots of
info finding.........
I went to a local pet store and was pretty sure
that I had made my choice.
I urged my husband to go and see the babies.
They were about 4 months old at the time and
along with the cage, food, toys, and vitamins,
we took home the addition of two more pets.
Peach faced Lovebirds. The smallest of the parrot family. It was hard to name them,
not knowing if they were girls or boys! Or one of both.
After several days of trying on names........humming the song "put the lime in the coconut"
as I fed and watered them, the decision was made. Coco and Limey.
At about a year, I came home one day to find that my sweet green and orange baby birds were no longer virgins! The next day there
was an egg laying on the floor of the cage! Time to talk to the John at the pet store again..........
I think I have a girl and boy, what do I do now???
A nesting box with shavings inside and some baby food, that's all?.........not like a jar of strained beans, but, some yellow powder put in a small bowl inside the cage. John said they will eat it and feed it to the babies when they hatch! Yikes, babies!
Now, four years later, over fifteen eggs have hatched and peeped in that nesting box.
As I have learned more about these birds, they are very social, and will hang on the side of the
cage and squawk until you greet them. They love to eat and would gladly share veggies, toast or
pizza with me. We also learned the hard way, as the female matures, she will bite the crap out of
your fingers any time you are dumb enough to put them near her. On the other hand, Coco is a gentle little green bird that cocks his head in understanding when I talk to him.
Some time later I will tell you about Scooter.


Tiedupmemories said...

Aww....Deb I just love those birdies!Those dogs are adorable too!Don't forget to label underneath the post.Ex[birds,love birds,pets}This will bring people who are interested wa to read your post.Just a tip!Your blog is looking good!

Nancy said...

Good post. Didn't know all that info about the birds. Try to get a major close-up of the birds. I guess it's hard to do without opening the cage and Lord know what would happen!

The Pink Bird House said...

Hi Debbie, I am dropping by for a visit after hearing about your new blog thru Tracy. I would love to follow your blog, but have not been able to find the "follow" button to push. I am a real animal lover too, as is my daughter, and our home has always had some kind of furry or feathered friend in it. At the present we have a dog, 3 pet chickens, and my daughter is very involved in horse back riding and competitions. Anyway, loved seeing all your pictures of the dogs and your birds! Real eye-candy for an animal lover like me. It will be a pleasure to stop by your blog again and see what other goodies you have posted. Debby